Winter WhoCamp 2023
English youth camp in the Carpathians


english atmosphere


new year trip:
dec 28-Jan 2
christmas trip:
Jan 3-8


Slavs'ke, Carpathian Mountains

Winter WhoCamp 2023
English youth camp in the Carpathians


english atmosphere


new year trip:

dec 28-jan 2
christmas trip:
jan 3-8


Slavs'ke, Carpathian Mountains


what is it?

WhoCamp is an English youth camp. The main goal is to practice English in an informal way: during trainings, sports and ordinary everyday activities.

WhoCamp is a place of freedom, active youth, new knowledge, sports and evening activities. How can all this come together? Only at WhoCamp!
For over 5 years, our school has been conducting Winter and Summer Camps in the Carpathians. Each camp has its important main topic from Conflict Management to Soft skills.
This year’s Winter WhoCamp 2023 has the following theme – “United for the Future”. Why such a topic?

Firstly, 50% of the income of the camp will be transferred to support our defenders in the ranks of the Armed Forces. All reports will be posted on the camp’s official website and EnglishWho Instagram.

Secondly, while resting at the camp and practicing English, we will discuss important and timely topics that concern each of us who live in Ukraine at this time. We will also do some workshops that can help you find like-minded people and together create something useful for our defenders and the country.

We will tell you about the details of the program soon!

If you are young, creative, have a thirst for new acquaintances, new knowledge, and all this in English – then we are waiting for you at Winter WhoCamp 2023! All this, as well as about 2 dozen equally motivated people, is waiting for you here!
See you at your best Winter vacation!


Our focus.

What you'll see at the camp.

The main goal of the camp is your language practice. The level of participants will be different, from beginners to strong English speakers - everyone wants to practice and we will achieve this goal together, don't worry!


Sharing knowledge between participants is an important part of the camp. Everyone has their own unique experience and will be able to share it at the camp and apply it during the main program and other activities.


If something isn't fun - fu** it! We create the rules and the program together! However, we must follow them too. The program and activities planned are extensive and varied, but you and your idea can become a part of it.

Sports & activities

An important part of the camp is snowboarding and skiing. All newbies will be able to learn and take their first steps together with us, and more experienced participants can improve their skills. Additionally, all those, who want to rest more and relax in warm baths can visit cool spa-centers and Carpathian thermal springs.

Winter WhoCamp 2021


Our team.

An experienced team of young creative professionals.
Michael Litovka

Erasmus+ Trainer and Facilitator CELTA Certified English Teacher

Unique practical background in standard and informal education, and communication as an educator, trainer and team-builder (topics include: Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Soft Skills) in Ukraine and at Erasmus+ Training courses in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic.


A very important part of the camp is the participants! Another integral part are the teachers of our school, who help anyone and everyone who needs a hint or boost in English. They also help create an incredible atmosphere because they are all bright and unusual personalities. And we gladly listen to your experience, and actively involve you in this sharing of knowledge, which helps all of us to live several lives' worth of emotions and experiences within just 6 days! WhoCamp - English that unites people and their knowledge

Ihor Lanetskyi

"EnglishWho" language school Founder & Executive Director

Serial Entrepreneur and developer of EdTech and SaaS startups. Representative of Ukrainian delegations to European Exchange programs (Topics: Social Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Media Literacy) in Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic. Organizer of 10+ international English youth camps.


Choose Your best camp dates.

Choose the most convenient time for your WhoCamp experience.







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Hours of English Practice



Happy Participants


The Program.

A day at camp (Winter WhoCamp 2021).

Good morning! Preparation to go to the slope
Transfer to the slope
Lunch (up to participants; in a restaurant at the slope, or participants can prepare lunch in advance and take it with them)
14.30-15.00Return from the slopes
English workshops, trainings and activities
Evening program – Movie Night, Barbecue, Bachata master class, and other entertaining workshops from trainers and participants, Fuckup Night, Parties and Dancing
22.00-23.00Free time
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WhoCamp in detail

Here's where the camp will take place:

Picturesque Campsite

Beautiful location in the Carpathian mountains, easily reachable from Slavs’ke (resort in L’viv oblast’) train station.



Book your spot in a cozy room for 2, each with bathrooms and showers en suite or on your floor.


Cozy Atmosphere

Some evening activities will take place on the terrace, with a fireplace and unforgettable views. But above all, there will be people, with whom you will not get bored, maybe you’ll find a “bro” or “sis” among them.



Here, in Slavske, you will be able to see and feel the beauty and splendor of the Carpathians! Take a ride on the longest lift in Ukraine, visit the mountain ridges on ATVs and much more!



Choose a convenient option for accommodation, and extra bonuses.
Standard ( early bird )


until 31/12

  • Room for 2 (1 spot)
  • Bathroom and shower - on the floor
  • Food twice a day
  • Transfer - Slavs'ke - Campsite - Slavs'ke
  • Camp Program
  • Photos and Video
  • Game Pack - all the materials for games and activities from the camp
  • Booking - prepay only 2000 UAH to secure your place
Standard+ ( early bird )


until 31/12

  • Room for 2 (1 spot)
  • Bathroom and shower - en suite, or 1 per 2 suites
  • Food twice a day
  • Transfer - Slavs'ke - Campsite - Slavs'ke
  • Camp Program
  • Photos and Video
  • Game Pack - all the materials for games and activities from the camp
  • Booking - prepay only 2000 UAH to secure your place


  • You can also ask for: special accommodation conditions, group/corporate trip organization, seperate room for 2, priority accommodation, additional photo/video services, merch, language consultations


Frequently asked questions.

Participation in the camp is from 18 and up. However, if you are a motivated, responsible, mature teenager, interested in the topic of the camp, and you are ready to learn and interact on par with adult campers – we are ready to consider your candidacy in person. What about the upper limit…? If you are young, creative, have a thirst for new acquaintances, new knowledge, and all this in English – then we are waiting for you at Winter WhoCamp 2023! There is no strict upper threshold, the main thing is to be genuinely interested in the topic of the camp, to be ready to switch to English during the camp, and ready to actively participate and learn together during training sessions, relax and create emotions and impressions on the slopes and during activities!

WhoCamp is not just English – it’s also family! From day one, experienced WhoCamp coaches have a priority to make sure that each participant finds their place in the team, and is always there to support – both as English professionals and as friends. Participants of past camps keep in touch and still meet in different cities of Ukraine, and not only!

You not only can – you must! At WhoCamp we don’t have lessons,  there are no exams) There is no division into weak or strong – everyone gathers to share knowledge, experience the program and scenery, get emotions and impressions, and create wonderful memories in the picturesque Carpathians with active young people just like you! And all this – in English! This is full immersion into an English-speaking environment, and its speaking practice at and for all levels, and everyone will gain from this experience. There will be experienced coaches and teachers who will always be ready to help and support. Additionally, you can ask for personal advice and consultation from the English teachers. A friendly atmosphere, themed activities and evening programs will contribute to your comfort and confidence in communication!

There are two main issues:
1. It’s about booking, and what to do if there is a full lockdown. In this case, we refund the full amount of the reservation you made. (As mentioned earlier, 50% of your payment will go to support our defenders. In the case we will be obligated to cancel the camp, it will be up to your discretion to keep or return your contribution).
2. Safety measures at the camp and on the way to it. We follow all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, and remind all participants of the camp about them, both before and during the camp. We try our best to prevent this risk.

Let’s just say, different people like different things. For those who want to spend as much time as possible on the mountain on a snowboard or skis, they will have this opportunity, optionally sometimes even instead of some part of the English program, but we will make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. For those who don’t want to snowboard at all, or very little time – don’t worry, there will be many alternative activities and you will definitely not be bored.

In general – yes. In addition to the fact that you need to pay only 25% to book your spot, we also created an opportunity in partnership with Monobank and PrivatBank to make payments in installments for a comfortable time period for you. You can see all the details in the “Payment” block, or ask us.

Snowboarding/skiing. Renting a snowboard or skis will cost 150-250 UAH per day. Skipasses for skiing (ski lifts) – cost from 300 to 500 UAH for half a day, depending on the ski resort. Depending on your skill level and desire, you can choose and calculate these additional costs for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at the contact phone number (Viber, Telegram). Also, you can see that the price includes 2 meals a day – this is breakfast and dinner (this is done so that you can have a snack or quick lunch on the slope or take something there with you, spend more time actively, and have a full and tasty meal already at the campsite).
Excursions are available upon request, but for our number of people, the cost is usually not high, up to 100-200 UAH/person.
If you have any other questions/suggestions, write us as well)


Wanna see how it happened at Winter WhoCamp 2021?


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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Melina Albrecht

Founder, TingTong

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+38 (050) 748-25-57
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English youth camp, mountains, active leisure, new friends.

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Slavs'ke resort,
L'viv Oblast',

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